Re: IMN trekkers posses security threat-Coalition

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By Mahdi Garba

My attention was drawn to a news item that appeared on 8th August edition of The Nation newspaper calling President Buhari to halt the members of the Islamic movement from trekking to Abuja to press for the unconditional release of his eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.

The said call was made by some miscreant youths from a faceless group, Coalition Against Terrorism and Extremism (CATE) warning that the trekkers pose security risk to the government. But the CATE head, Gabriel Onoja has showcased his naivety on local and international politics for classifying Shiites as extremists.

Onoja said “…the government must begin to priotize mental health as the sanity of the youths engaging in this exercise must be questioned”. May be Onoja was in Tel Aviv when Muhammadu Buhari emerged the Nigeria’s president, if not he could have seen or heard about the story of Hashim Suleiman who vowed to trek from Lagos to Abuja if Buhari won the elections.
After declaring Buhari the winner of the poll, Mr Hashim trekked from Lagos to Nigeria’s capital, a journey of about 700km in 14 days. Every rest spot for him metamorphosed to a museum as he recieve warm welcome. He was commended and celebrated for his courage, and days other Nigerians began to emulate him. But Onoja didnt call for probe of Hashim’s mental condition.

It is now obvious that CATE are not fighting against extremism and terrorism but antagonizing IMN and it pacific approach.

If they hate you, even when you fart they say you are carrying an atomic bomb. And this applies to the IMN. Many have trekked on diverse reasons but when the members of IMN are trekking to demand the release of its leader, eyebrows begin to raise.

He further displayed his ignorance on the IMN as he said “we urge religious, traditional and political leaders in the north to call this horde to order. Northern elites have a lot work to do; those northern youths who attend only Islamic centers to the exclusion of contemporary education must be better managed henceforth as dubious scholars often find them willing recruits for extreme doctrines”.

If Gabriel Onoja has an idea of what IMN is about and it background he wouldn’t have unveil his ignorance. How can you correlate a movement that started as a stiudents’ movement with illiteracy? The IMN is peopled with people from various institutions of life and dorminated by students and academics.

During the 12 December 2015 Zaria massarce that left hundreds killed, injured, tortured to death and others detained, I know many students that are still at large. Their whereabout is still unknown and the slained are buried in a mass grave. Bukhari Jega was a PhD candidate on political economy and development at University of Abuja until he was killed by the murderous Nigerian military alongside his wife and their 1 year old baby.

Other prominent students that are still are Malam Faruq Abdullahi (ABU Zaria), Mujahid Wunti (UniMaid), Sumayyah Isa Mshelgaru (ABU Zaria), Khalid Gilima (Greenwich University) and his two brothers, Fatima Ahmad, Nusaiba Yakubu, Fatima Waziri (ABU Zaria) and her three undergraduate brothers, Abbas Abdullahi Abbas…the list goes on…

Then, Islamic movement is beyond Onoja’s daydreaming and most importantly, anything that happen to those peaceful trekkers, Gabriel Onoja and his CATE have a question to answer.


Re: Supreme Council for Sharia describes Shiites group as hypocrites

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By Mahdi Garba

Yesterday, while surfing the internet for news I came across two news items on Leadership and Nigerian Tribune newspapers. Two they appear but share mutual contents. The first report was titled “Supreme Council for Sharia describes Shiites group as hypocrites” while the later was headlined “Zaria Clash: Indicted Shiites must not go unpunished-Sharia Council”.

These two headlines have transit me to a state of voluminous thought. And, questions began to brainstorm on who are behind this group, what is it mission and vision and most importantly as an Islamic group, what are their contributions towards the development of Islam in Nigeria?

I found my answers after reading the news items patiently. As the group Chairman goes by a name, Yusuf Sambo Rigachikun which I am familiar with as an unapologetic Wahabi figure in Kaduna and it environ. Also, he is well-known to politicians as he glued to their corridors hunting for what to eat, for a living.
It is distressing to a see a fraudster masquerading as a cleric and speaking basing all his allegations against the Islamic movement on hearsay.

Read the clown as I quote him verbatim “From the little we heard about the submitted report of the commission of inquiry into the Military/Shiites clash last December, the council calls on the government to release the White paper on the crisis. This will go a long way in curbing the menace of Shi’a in our society”.

The so called Chairman of SCSN hasn’t read the recommendations of the JCI but having primary knowledge on who and why of the JCI, also from the ‘little he heard’ he concluded his fallacies. It sounds strange that a Chairman of a ‘supreme’ Islamic group cannot set his hands on the report that was cooked by the JCI to read it, but relied on the tittle-tattle he heard from the road side.

To show that he belong to the Wahabi school of thought that recognizes no one as Muslims, Sambo said “…it has become obvious that Shiism is not Islam” as the Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau and ISIS leader al-Baghadadi labored in their seditious sermons.

He further said the Shiites must be punished for their role in the clash because according to him, their (Shiites) attitude towards the army was unislamic. But he forgot to educate the public on whether extrajudicial killing is Islamic or not. Probably, he is in a haste to go and spend what he received in the brown envelope.

Well, henceforth from JCI to SCSN and any group of that nature should be noted; for they are Trojan horses sent by their masters to subvert the path of justice.

Remembering the 25th July Quds day killings

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By Mahdi Garba

In 2014, the International Quds day was marked in 22 Nigerian cities peacefully as usual. But, Zaria’s procession ended bloody when the Nigerian military under the command of Lieutenant Colonel S. Okwu of Basawa barracks who were on a killing spree ambushed the peaceful protesters. The clandestine operation has left 34 unarmed civilians dead including 3 undergraduate sons of Sheikh Zakzaky, Ahmad, Hamid and Mahmoud.

Many of the victims were killed in cold blood. During the attack, Shahid Mahmoud Zakzaky was shot at the spot but was still breathing. In the quest for medical care, all the routes leading to the hospital were blocked by the soldiers. Their, he gave up the ghost.

Before his martyrdom, he was a student of Al-Mustapha International University, Beirut were he studies Islamic studies. Also, he initiated a website ( were Sheikh Zakzaky’s lectures are aired and articles discussing good governance, Islamic reawakening and justice for humanity are published.

Ahmad, Hamid, Ali Zakzaky and other brothers were whisked away by the soldiers to Basawa barracks and tortured to death. Though, Ali survived with gunshots and a fractured leg. But an irony of life is Ali was killed by the same Nigerian soldiers under the command of the Nigerian Chief of Army Staff Maj. Gen TY Buratai last year during the crackdown on members of the Islamic movement on 12 December.

Ahmad Zakzaky, 24, a student of Chemical Engineering at Shenyang University, China was expected to graduate in April 2015 but the cruel members of the murderous Army dashed his hope. He was electrocuted, tortured and shot to death by the same soldiers at Basawa Barracks Zaria and his body disposed to Ahmadu Bello Teaching Hospital, Shika.

Nevertheless, his Brother Hamid Zakzaky, 22, was a first-year student of Aeronautical Engineering at Xian University of Technology, China experienced the same brutality with his brothers. Before, proceeding to China for studies he was engaged in craftmanship. He arrived home on Saturday 19 July, and was killed 5 days after in cold blood.

Meanwhile, Mr Julius Anyanwu, 66, a Christain who owns a capentary workshop was also shot to dead. His only sin is asking them the reason for shooting the peaceful protesters.

On 26th July, a day after, the Nigerian military attacked Hussainiyya Baqiyatullah where they killed two more people. All the corpses were buried according to Islamic rites in Jannatu Darur Rahma cemetery where marytrs of the movement are buried but it was demolished by Kaduna state government during its recent clampdown.

In the aftermath of the massacre, the atrocities of the military has attracted local and international condemnation from individuals, CSOs, religious bodies, clerics, and media personalities among others.
In a bid to remember and immortalize these fallen heroes, the Islamic movement in Nigeria under the leadership of his eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky has opened its maiden Annual International Quds day and exhibition, last year. It was first of it nature in the Africa. It was marked in Nigeria’s capital, featuring pro-palestinian figures. The next one is in the pipeline. Register here

The article was first published by Mehr News Agency,I.R of Iran

Re: Zakzaky could’ve led to uprising worse than Boko Haram’s, says brother

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By Mahdi Garba

I read in befuddlement an interview published by this newspaper dated 23rd April, 2016 with the above title. The interview was said to have been given by Sheikh Zakzaky’s half-brother named Sani Yakubu.
The interview was full of fallacies. His answers were all ironical of the questions he was asked.

Relating the Islamic movement that is dedicated to teaching and learning with Boko Haram was the greatest blunder and most laughable claim Mr Sani Yakubu made during the interview.

Just to convey a bad impression of Sheikh Zakzaky, Sani Yakubu fabricated bunch of lies that even a baby in a cradle would doubt its authenticity. Sani Yakubu said the Islamic movement involves ‘alot of money’ that’s why their admonitions to Sheikh Zakzaky felt on deaf ears. What amount of money can make someone to lose his three sons in July, 2014 and another three in December, 2016 while his life, that of his wife and his disciples are still threatened?
Mr Yakubu said he has cut off ties with Sheikh but when asked about other family members, he repeated the same answer. Sheikh Zakzaky has maintained a cordial relationship with his family members.

Mr Yakubu can continue his ties about Sheikh Zakzaky for egoistic reasons but as far as Sheikh Zakzaky is concerned, he has a sincere and affectionate relationship with his family and neighbours.

The Islamic movement itself was a victim of Boko Haram’s atrocities. Where was Sani Yakubu when a suicide bomber blew himself during Ashura procession in Potiskum on 4th November, 2014 and Dakasoye while members of the Islamic movement were en route to Zaria on 27th November, 2015? Mr Yakubu might have forgotten there incident during the interview because he is desperate to rubbish the Islamic movement and her leader.

The article was first published in Daily Trust Newspaper


El-Rufa’I: Idan kana Sara ka rika duba bakin Gatari

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Daga Mahdi Garba

Duk wanda ya ga birnin tarayya Abuja zaiyi burin kasancewa a birnin. Ba don komai ba sai don irin yadda komai yake tafiya cikin tsari, musamman Gine-gine wanda sun hada da masana’antu, ma’aikatu da sauran wurare. Kafin kasancewar Malam Nasir El-Rufa’i Ministan Abuja, anyi Ministoci da dama amma basu yi wani abin azo a gani ba. Tunda El-rufai ya zama Ministan Abuja, birnin ta samu duk wani abu daya kamata ta samu.

Wannan yasa kowa yake burin ina ma duk masu ruwa da tsaki a siyasar Nijeriya su zama kamarsa. Ana cikin wannan yanayi sai ga El-rufai ya bayyana kudurinsa na ceto jihar Kaduna daga halin Ni-‘yasu. Tsabagen yadda mutanen Kaduna suke son El-rufa’i, idan ‘Yan adawa suka ce ‘Zai muku rushe-rushe fa irin yadda ya yi a Abuja’ sai kaji magoya bayanshi sun kada baki sunce ‘Ko da Gidanmu zai fara sai mun zabe shi’. Lallai wannan ya nuna tsananin yadda Kaduna take kishirwan Malam Nasir El-rufai.

Ana cikin haka sai gashi Allah ya shayar dasu ta hanyar basu El-rufai a matsayin Gwamnan jihar Kaduna a karkashin jam’iyyar APC.

Watanni kadan bayan kama aiki, sai naji labarin Gwamna El-rufai ya fara rusau a garin Zariya. Sai na bincika na kuma tabbatar da hakan. Rushe-rushen ya fara ne daga wasu gidaje da aka gina a filin makarantar Kwalejin Al-Huda-huda, wanda mallakar Gwamnatin jihar Kaduna ne.
Tun farkon fara aikin, mazauna unguwar sunyi ta koke-koke da Allah wadai akan irin aikin nan na El-Rufai. Dalilinsu kuwa shine duk takardun akwai sa hannun wani  daga cikin jiga-jigan masarautar Zariya, amma yanzu ta rasu.

Abinda nake son El-Rufai ya lura shine; Kaduna ba Abuja bace. Mafi yawan mutanen dake zaune a unguwar talakawa ne masu neman abinda zasu ci. Wata baiwar Allah mai suna Uwale yayin zantawa da manema labarai cewa tayi yau bata da ko sisin da zata kama haya, kuma ‘ya’yanta takwas. Wani Ango kuwa yace a cikin satin aka daura masu aure da amaryarsa, ga kuma abinda ya tarar a unguwar.
Tunda wadannan mutanen sun tabbatar da filayen Gwamanti ne amma suka saya bisa  kuskure yakamata Malam El-rufai ya taimaka ya biya wadannan mutanen diyya don kada rayuwarsu ta tagayyara, musamman ma na ‘ya’yansu.

Ina wannan rokon ne don naji kalaman Manajan daraktan hukumar tsari birane ta KASUPDA tayi yayin wata zantawa. Tace basa lissafin zasu biya wani diyya don filayen Gwamnati ne kuma daga nan ma zarcewa zasuyi zuwa Rimi college da duk wani wuri da aka gajewa Gwamnatin jiha filayenta.
Abuja birnin tarayya ne, Ka zo, Nazo don haka idan aka fattataki mutum daga nan sai ya tsallaka Kauyensu. Amma Kaduna garin Gwamna musamman Zariya gida ne ga mafi yawan mutanen dake zaune a Garin. Bugu da kari, mafi yawan wanda aikin El-Rufai na Abuja ya shafa a wancan lokacin masu abin tabawa ne, amma na Zariya da Talakawa ta rutsa.

Babu abinda yake ci min Tuwo a kwarya kamar idan na tuna wadannan Talakawan su suka tsaya kai-da-fata har El-rufai ya zama Gwamnan Kaduna ta hanyar fitowarsu kwansu da kwarkwatansu su zabeshi a jam’iyyar APC.
Idan Gwamna El-Rufai baya son ya bata rawarshi da tsalle toh wajibi ne akanshi daya ya rika sara yana duba bakin Gatari.

The Aliyu Ruba I Know

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By Muhammad Mahdi Garba

“Are you a new student?” I enquired. “No” he respond. Where have been? I was ill, I had been in bedridden for the whole of our first term, he continued. I’m a sickler. I asked him what’s a sickler because that was the first time of hearing something like that. He wasn’t rid of me, he explained.
That was my first day of meeting late Aliyu Abdullahi Ruba at our prestigious alma mater Al-Iman secondary school, Jos.

Aliyu on sick bed. Standing beside him is his beloved Mum Hajia Hadiza

The class was lively, melodramatic and mind-blowing studying alongside his brothers Ibrahim Abdullahi Ruba, Nasir Ruba and Safwan Ruba  who was the eldest.

Aliyu and his Dad Alhaji Abdullahi Ruba

Aliyu was staying in Duste-uku, an area dominated by the Christians while I reside in Rikkos, an area located less than 2 kilometres to where his abode.

Aliyu on a 'selfie' pose with his sister Maymunah Ruba

In 2009, during the Jos crisis , his house was burnt down. That was the reason for his relocation to a house not far from mine in Rikkos. We were not like before because I left home for Federal government college, Jos (boarding house), spontaneously. So, we only meet on summers.

Aliyu and his brother, Ibrahim Ruba preparing for their final year exams (SSCE) at Al-Iman School,Jos

Late 2012, Aliyu started his undergraduate degree at the Al-Qalam University, Katsina , to obtain a Bachelor of science in Computer science.

Studious Aliyu flipping through books in a library

I was cut to the quick with the message of your exit from this world on the 27th day of June (10th Ramadan).

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un

I’ll miss you for your clement, sociable and affectionate behavior.

This is the Aliyu Ruba I know.

May Aljanna Firdaus be your final abode! Amin

Plateau State Government pays tributes to Dan Maraya Jos

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Plateau News Online

The Plateau State Government has consoled the family of the late Dan Maraya Jos who died in Jos over the weekend; State Deputy Governor Prof Sunny Tyoden led a high powered government delegation to the decease family house along Bauchi Road in Jos

Tyoden who represented Governor Lalong at the occasion described the late soloist’s death as a great lost not only to Plateau State but the country at large, Lalong pay tributes to the late Da Maraya noting that he projected Plateau State and Nigeria at large through his songs and prayed God to grant his soul eternal rest.  Responding on behalf of the family, Mallam  Sa’adu thank the Plateau State Government for the show of concern at their moment of grief and pray for the success of the new administration. Sa’adu who described their late father as loving and compassionate said he left 8 children and an aged…

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